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The "Kurpark" Malente

Excursion I

„Green modern – function – vegetation – living environment“ – the spa gardens in Malente in Eastern Holstein

The restoration of the 40 year old Kurpark (spa gardens) in Bad Malente-Gremsmühlen can be seen as a great success for the health resort. Placed in a picturesque location between the two lakes Dieksee and Kellersee in the hills of the Holsteinische Schweiz the town is frequented by tourists and people seeking recreation likewise. The Kurpark - a scheduled monument since 2003 – was built by landscape gardener Karl Plomin and architect Peter Arp between 1964–1968. The restoration followed an expertise by landscape gardeners Siller (Kiel). The company Siller Landschaftsarchitekten were also responsible for plan of design and plan of execution as well as for implementing the necessary measures for the reconstruction of the entrance situations and for construction site management. Thus, it was achieved to carefully revitalise the structures considering historical aspects between 2004–2008. Focal points of the restoration was the refurbishment of the open air theatre and the open space in front of the bandstand to the North, the stepped road to the Brahmberg, the chimney houses with water basins and chessboards to the South-West as well as the large scale plantations of shrubs, rhododendrons and azalea in the destroyed parts based on historic plans and lists. A new entrance from the train station improved reachability of the gardens surely raising the number of visitors in the future. Accordingly, the main entrance was adapted to present-day requirements. The charming layout of the gardens is rich in contrast reflecting the natural topography of hill and valley in the immediate vicinity. Aesthetic impressions can not only be gained during the three-month bloom of the rhododendron but also with respect to the view to Brahmberg and Dieksee. The manifold shrubs and the varying course of the paths along the lower part of the slope as well as architectural elements like solarium, open air theatre and chimney houses offer a multitude of opportunities for recreation and enjoyment of culture.


Departure: 30th September 2016, 9.00


Duration: 4 hours


Arrival in Kiel: 13.00


The Meeting point for the departure will be announced in future


Extra costs for this excursion: 20 Euros

Please note: Registration deadline is extended!!     Last date is now September 15th

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