6th Baltic Sea Region Cultural Heritage Forum
6th Baltic Sea Region Cultural Heritage Forum 

Excursion II to the city of Kiel and Schilksee

Modernism meets History.

Reconstruction of the Historical City Centre of Kiel and New Buildings of Olympiazentrum Schilksee 1972


1. Alter Markt

Nikolaikirche. Gotic churchbuilding of the 13th century. Testimonial oft the earliest urban history of Kiel, destruction during the war 1944, reconstruction by Gerhard Langmaack, 1950–53, exteriors in reduced architectural design und complete new creation of the interiors

Pavillons and  urban plannings by Wilhelm Neveling, 1971–72, ensemble of pavillons arranged in a staggered manner, shapes based on hexagon forms, strict  reference on historic lines of direction, modern  interpretation of historic market place situation


(to continue by foot)


2. Kieler Schloss and Konzerthalle

Reconstruction and enlargement of ancient „Schloss“ by arch. Sprotte u. Neve, 1961–65. Historic three-wing building  of 16th and 17th century, destruction during World War II,  reconstruction in reduced design by respecting historic cubic contents as well as creating of contrasting new buildings like “Landeshalle”, “Konzerthalle” and “Fördefoyer”


Trip by bus to Kiel-Schilksee


3. Kiel Schilksee Olympiazentrum/Olympic Centre, arch. Storch und Ehlers, 1969–72

terraced elongated building complex situated along the waterfront, containing the audiance‘ promenade, gallery shops, sport-administration, jury, indoor swimming bath and athletes’ apartments. The Building transformes the subject of natural cliff coast into a modern architectural form.


Departure: 30th September 2016, 10.00


Duration: 3–4 hours


End of the trip: ca. 13.00


Extra costs for the excursion: 15 Euros


Meeting Point: 10.00 at Alter Markt, Kiel, near by Nicolaichurch and the Roland-Statue

Please note: Registration deadline is extended!!     Last date is now September 15th

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